Registered Nurse #18 in The Best 100 Jobs

If you were ever considering entering (or leaving) the nursing field, keep in mind that Nursing is rated #18 out of 100 best jobs in the US and #15 out of 100 best jobs in healthcare. Before I give some biased reasons, I will hit you with some facts first.


The median salary of a Registered Nurse in the United States is $68,450. There are Nurses on the East Coast pulling in $100,000 a year and on the West Coast close to 150,000.

The current job market is rated a 10 by US News and future growth is rated at a 6.

A Bachelors of Science in Nursing is becoming the new norm as we start straying away from Associate Degree prepared nursing.

As a Registered Nurse, here are some other perks of being a nurse:

  • You are not tied to any specific field. You can bounce around until you find a specialty you like, options are nearly endless. Do you want to work as a school nurse, jail nurse, in the operating room, for a forensics team, work in home care, critical care, doctors offices, etc. You get the point. You can find a job that fits your interests and schedule.
  • Shifts are available day, evening, and nights.
  • Overtime is always an option because, for the most part, hospitals are almost always understaffed.
  • You’re helping people in their worst times and in turn, makes you more conscious of your own ways.
  • This job can’t be taken away by automation. There will always be a need for bedside bodies.

Are you a Registered Nurse? Comment below and give us your opinion about becoming a Registered Nurse!





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