The best step to make as a new graduate nurse that most look past..

You’re ready to enter the working world as a Registered Nurse but you soon come to the realization that in nursing school, you didn’t learn S%*T!


You also realize, to get into the area you want, you have to have at least a year of experience on the floor and now you’re starting to question life.

“What the f*ck*

No fear, I am here to tell you that I have found a solution if you’re willing to listen, work hard, and don’t give up. Are you ready for this?

Nurse Fellowships.

Most new graduates look past this option because in all honesty, who wants to go back to sitting in a classroom after you just made your way out of a 4 year prison sentence? (Nursing School).

Besides going back to a classroom setting for a few months, there are NO negatives for a NEW nurse and let me tell you why.

  1. You can apply for a specialty as a new graduate that would most likely require a year or two of experience as a nurse.

2. You get PAID to LEARN. Finally, someone is going to actually pay YOU to LEARN! Your lifelong dream has came true.


You have so much to learn as a new nurse and if you choose a critical care or emergency setting you will have twice as much to learn. This is why Fellowships are great.

3. If you plan on furthering your education and get into a specialty area straight out of school, you are ahead of the game. Not to mention it also looks GREAT on paper.

Unfortunately, nurse fellowships are quite competitive and you will really need to keep applying and doing everything you can to get in.

Let me give you a super quick run down on how the critical care fellowship was set up for me:

First 9 weeks: 4 days a week in a classroom for lecture (different systems each week) and 1 day in simulation lab. On top of online modules (ECCO) and hospital wide modules. Different speakers for specific lectures each week. With a few days here and there on the floor that you got hired on as well as visiting the cath lab, PACU, and other critical care settings. Most of your time at home was spent with online modules and learning. BUT, thats okay, because you are getting PAID!


After 9 weeks: You get matched with a preceptor and you will stay on orientation with them for the next 3-4 months  or until they think you are ready.

At this point you should feel like you are ready to hit the ground running and start your nursing career off on the right foot.

If anyone has any questions or would like some more information feel free to contact me!


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