Pearson Vue trick: NCLEX-RN



What is the Pearson Vue Trick?

After you take the NCLEX-RN, the longest 48 hours of your life will begin. Apparently it was just too long of a wait, that a bunch of people found a loop hole to receiving your results as soon as 2 hours after submitting your results. Pearson will not confirm this because technically it is a glitch in their system that they can not get around that. There are also people out there who say it did not work for them, BUT, those people were told they had failed and paid for a new exam but ended up passing. That is because each NCLEX-RN is first immediately scored as soon as you finish the exam and your results are technically already known. You could have failed but then when it was actually scored by a human, you actually passed. It is almost known that there hasn’t been a “false positive” yet a “false negative” is not uncommon.

What leads me to believe that this trick is accurate?

If you haven’t read my previous blog posts, I had taken the NCLEX-RN twice. Both times, the Pearson Vue trick was 100% accurate.

How do you do the Pearson Vue trick?

You first have to wait until your exam has been processed. I have seen that this can take anywhere between 1-4 hours. If you try and re-register for a new exam and the exam hasn’t been submitted yet, you will get a message that may look SIMILAR to the “Good Pop-Up” but it in fact is a universal pop-up and it is not a positive, nor a negative sign.


This message is basically saying that you are already registered, BUT, it is an open registration, so the system has not been notified if you have taken the exam or not.

Basically, wait 4 hours to be sure. Then, sign into Pearson Vue, and try and re-register for another attempt at the NCLEX-RN. Technically, the system knows if you have passed or failed the exam based off of your results strictly through the computer. So, if you were to re-register for another attempt at the NCLEX-RN, the system would allow you to make a payment and register if you failed or deny your payment if you passed. It is a computer system and has it’s flaws.

**NOTE: Like I stated above, it IS possible to get the BAD POP UP and have your payment submitted and later find out that you passed. SO, to do this trick I would recommend that you use a gift card with an insufficient balance or try and change the expiration date on a current credit card.

When you get to the end, you HAVE TO SUBMIT YOUR PAYMENT to get an ACCURATE POP-UP.

IF your payment gets accepted and you get charged, receive a receipt, or you get a message that states your card was DECLINED (that means it tried to run your card), then you have failed (OR have a high chance that you failed). REMEMBER, don’t lose hope, it is not uncommon that you get a BAD-POP UP but still passed . The BAD-POP UP will look like this. CONFIRMING your registration for your next scheduled attempt.


If you receive a message like below, you PASSED. I have not personally heard or read about anyone receiving a GOOD POP-UP and failing.pearson5

I have experienced that you can do this trick every couple hours until you receive your OFFICIAL QUICK RESULTS. So, if you’re like me, you can check this trick multiple, multiple, MULTIPLE times until you receive an official confirmation.

There is also another POP-UP you may encounter which doesn’t indicate whether you passed OR failed. It is just stating that your results are on HOLD for a variety of reasons. BUT, this does not mean you passed or failed, just give it some time and try it again later on. This message will look like this:


GOOD-LUCK and TRY AND STAY CALM! Share this with your friends!

Comment below how this trick worked for you!



12 thoughts on “Pearson Vue trick: NCLEX-RN

  1. I took the nclex rn today and had 265 questions I tried to re register and it said what the 3rd image you posted does it mean I passed?


  2. I walked out of at 85 questions thinking I passed. But went to re-register and it accepted payment, and now i am getting the first image you posted. Is their another way to check if I really failed?


  3. I am in canada give exam for ontario board. Attempt all 265 questions. I read about pvt tricks but i heard it didnt work in canada. Still i tried with wrong expiration date. It says contact credit card company. What does that mean.


  4. Hi, I took my NCLEX on Saturday 9-23-17 and i came straight home and tried the PVT and at first i used a card but incorrect exp date and cvs code then it said declined and try another card so i entered information correctly and it took the 200. I did not wait the 4 hours (did not know at the time) i waited about 30 to 45 min after finishing test. My GN license are still on the BON the day after (sunday) but it is the weekend (Sunday)….If i had failed would my GN license automatically be removed and since i did not wait the 4 hours for the PVT does that mean i really did fail NCLEX… THANKS


  5. Took my NCLEX yesterday morning (11/2) at 8 am. Got 75 questions and it cut off. Did the ncsbn review course (3 week) and really still didnt feel like I passed (this is my second attempt. failed my first attempt with 75) tried the pearson vue trick the first time and it just kept saying with my card, card declined. This time it did the same but I tried the trick twice, card declined both times. But when I checked my bank account online, Pearson vue charged me for both times but both transactions were credited back to my bank account and I have not received an email about conformation of payment like I did when I paid to take the NCLEX RN the second time. So what does that mean? Does it mean I failed? Cause I know they say that Pearson does not refund but both times they took the 200 out but it was refunded right back into my account. Still is that way.


  6. Hi i just took my nclex pn today and it was so really hard, so right now i feel so nervous mixed emotion. To reduce my anxiety i tried the pearson vue trick 3 hours after my exam i got the good pop up the u’ve said… is that ok to do the trick even only 3 hours after my exam or ahould i wait 4 hours?


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