Should you apply for positions while still in Nursing School? Find out here!

When I was in school I always was wondering when I should start applying for positions. Do I have to wait until I graduate? Do I have to wait until I take the NCLEX and pass? Can I do it now? Should I do it later? Truth is, I had to find out by experimenting. I was nearing graduation and I already knew where I wanted to specialize in, Critical Care. I had a great experience during my Capstone and couldn’t see myself on any other unit. I had been told by numerous people “You can’t go straight from school and into a critical care position without any experience”. Well, here I am, and you can do it too (I will save that for another blog post). The point is, I didn’t listen to anyone who told me I couldn’t, and DID anyway.

I had applied to only one position while still in school, and I had got it. I applied in around March, had my first interview in April, had a second interview in May, graduated in May, and had the final offer in June. I applied for a Fellowship that was very competitive and I didn’t let the fact that I had not graduated yet, hold me back. My advice is to, just apply. What is the worst thats going to happen? During the interview the interviewer will ask if you’re licensed and you will tell them you’re still in school. In my opinion, that shows a lot about your character.

Graduation coming close? Want to work as soon as possible? Apply NOW. Be confident and be proactive. Go get your dream job.


2 thoughts on “Should you apply for positions while still in Nursing School? Find out here!

  1. Or you could apply for an intern job that allows you the option to have an RN position when you graduate. That is what I am doing. I get to work and do all the skills that do not require a license. I train to do 12 lees EKGs bladder scans and other skills that I did not have the option to do what in school. As long as I pass NCLEX on the first shot I will be promoted to RN upon completion.


    1. That’s also a great suggestion. Sounds like you have yourself a wonderful position. Congratulations and goodluck! Thanks for your input, this will definitely help other students who are confused as to where to start when applying, thanks!


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