Treat EVERY member of the healthcare team with the same RESPECT!

It is true that Nurses do “god’s work” and truly are superheros. However, nurses would not be able to give the care they do, without the help of every member of the healthcare team.

Aid’s, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physicians, Dieticians, Social Workers, Patient Transporters, Janitors, and EVERY SINGLE position within a hospital are part of the healthcare team and will help and need to be helped to ensure each patient is receiving the best possible care. 

“I was raised to treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO“- Janelle Monae

Before I started my Nursing journey, I started off as the housekeeper in an outpatient surgical center for 2 years. I was then accepted into a Bachelor’s Nursing program and transitioned into a Patient Service Navigator (Transporter). After a few months of that I then made the move into a Dietary Aid’s position at another hospital. When I was finishing up my last month of school, I was an Aid for a patient with ALS.

I am fortunate enough to have experienced many different positions in healthcare, starting from the very bottom. I feel that these experiences have opened my eyes to the importance of each position within a healthcare facility. Without a certain position, the jobs of others would become very overwhelming. Nurses Aids for example, are the right hand man (or woman) for the Nurses. Things could not go as smooth as they do without the help of the aids. Without the help of the housekeepers and maintenance the facility would be very hard to work in. As a team, everyone needs to work together to make things run properly and to accomplish the goal for each and every patient.

The moral of this post is to bring awareness and to encourage all of you to make sure that you treat every one below and above you with equal respect. Everyone has a job to do that helps tie together everyone’s daily tasks. If you are still in school and have the opportunity to take a position, any position within a hospital, I encourage you to do so. It will further your respect for certain components of the day to day grind within a healthcare facility. It will also make you appreciate your nursing journey a bit more when you have worked your way up from the bottom.


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