Nursing, social media, and HIPPA violations.


Today almost everyone uses social media and there are many risks to losing your job or being dismissed from your nursing program. I bring this up, because I was scrolling through some photos on a popular social media app and I came across a photo that I would say would be considered grounds for termination of a job or dismissal from a program. The post that I came across was not malicious or intended to do any harm at all. In reality it was actually a heartfelt message. However, there were a few photos of the patient, and I was always taught from employers and school that was a big no-no.

     I write this post to educate the students and nurses who are not fully aware of the consequences of posting about their job on social media. There are certain standards to protect patient’s medical records, information, and privacy that every hospital or institution follows. These standards are called HIPPA Laws.

You can find out everything about HIPPA here: HIPPA Privacy Rules

Though at the time, you may feel that you are doing no harm, believe me when I tell you that hospitals look at everything and do not like when information of a patient that is admitted into their institution is being brought outside of the workplace. If you feel the need to express you’re feelings about a certain experience with a patient you need to speak to someone about it, leaving out all personal information. Protect yourself, your patient, and your future. These types of things are not taken lightly in the professional world.

On a different note, I also wanted to mention some things that I have noticed that some may not be aware of. Once you use a geotag of where your picture was taken (Lets say, inside your clinical site or hospital you work at), anytime that geotag is clicked, every photo posted at that certain location can pop up. This is the same for using hashtags. If you hashtag the hospital you work at, or doing your clinical at, anyone can click that hashtag and look at every photo. With this, you are opening yourself up for many risks with school and work. Now that the institution came across your photo that you posted at their hospital, they are now going through your entire profile and can see what you do on the weekends, days, nights, and what you post. This brings on an entirely different problem. If you are posting pictures and videos that may not be professional, this may also be grounds for dismissal from your job or nursing program. You are representing your school and/or hospital, always remember that. When it comes to social media, be smart and be educated on what you should and should not be posting. You do not want to put your future or career in jeopardy over a seemingly minuscule photo or post.



2 thoughts on “Nursing, social media, and HIPPA violations.

  1. Great post… I’m working on an entire website focused on this very subject: Social Media for Nurses… I’d love your input. Ironic you posted this days before a Nurse in Canada is being taken to court for such activities.

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